P1050729At Postle’s Tire, we have three top of the line tire changers to protect your wheels from damage!

The first is the The Coats ProGuard Plus Leverless Tire Changer, which was specifically engineered for oversized, run-flat, and low-profile applications. The Coats ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer features a revolutionary design that reduces the risk of tire or rim damage associated with changing low-profile and run-flat tires. In addition to leverless operation, the ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer has built-in features to take the strain out of tire changing: lifting, prepping, bead loosening, mounting, and de-mounting can all be done with easy-to-use controls from a single operator location. This tire changer is capable of handling wheels up to 30 inches in diameter. We are one of the few tire and wheel dealers in West Alabama to have this machine!

Our other two top of the line tire changers are our Coats GTS60 and Coats GTS70 Tire Changers, which allow us to service vehicles with wheels measuring anywhere from 12 to 24 inches in diameter. These tire changers feature a robo-assist mechanism which provides direct pressure on the tire sidewall to create a secure bead lock. The rim protection tower is a spring loaded mechanical design structure which reduces wheel damage. The face of the wheel is never touched as tires are mounted or dismounted, thus preserving the finish of the wheel.

P1050738Our Hunter Road Force Balancer is the world’s first diagnostic balancer. It solves vibration problems traditional balancers can’t fix. The Road Force Balancer applies up to 1250 pounds of force as your tire is spinning, providing the balancer with a simulation of your tires as they roll down the road with the weight of your vehicle included. Computer sensors will determine if your wheels or tires are out of round and identifies heavy spots within your tire and wheel assembly so they can be matched to provide an optimum ride. Our machine also identifies radial tire pulls, and as an end result, provides you the ultimate smooth ride.